Company understanding

Before every mission P2P > People to People must understand the company in all its aspects. Therefore, P2P > People to People meets the company’s actors in order to analyse its history, culture, environment and strategy. In order to answer the needs of the company, P2P > People to People comes in situ and elaborates, with the managers, a job description and the candidate’s profile. P2P > People to People is able to modify its research if the profile or the job description changes during the mission.

Searching methodology

P2P > People to People approaches the candidates through its active candidate database and a large network of people we constantly and closely follow. We can also do research through classified ads on different supports (internet, social network, newspapers), after the client’s agreement. At last, P2P > People to People can also works through a direct approach, if the client has a very precise idea of the candidate he wants to meet, or if the research is top confidential.

Selection and presentation of applicants

P2P > People to People identifies the candidates, meets them, does an evaluation of their work, their skills and their sensibility. Once they are selected after an extensive interview, P2P > People to People forwards the resume and the written evaluation to the client. P2P > People to People can sometimes do on demand a confidential control of professional references, after applicant’s approval. Once selected by the client, P2P > People to People organize the appointments, and at the end helps for the negotiations between the two parties. P2P > People to People can do recommendation in the final choice of the applicants on client’s demand. P2P > People to People makes its best efforts to guarantee the success through a constant follow-up during the integration period.