A creative diagnosis : to analyze your label’s identity, foundations, story, values and DNA, in order to extract the quintessence and adapt it to the current market. To restore desirability and dreams, and to differentiate you and your collections as well as your communication.

A human and RH diagnosis : to analyze your resources and recruitments, as well as your team management. To detect each person’s role, their talents, and redefine their position and workload within the company. To be attentive in order to identify your employees’ needs, to help them work together to find solutions for a common goal. To compose pairs of young potential talents and the more experienced. To improve and challenge your teams through entrepreneurial initiative. To convert well- being into performance.

A technical diagnosis : to analyze optimization of product development services, the workshop and design studio, sourcing, buying, industrialization, quality and production. To research and adapt sourcing according to products, ethics, and brand values yet respecting humanity and ecology.

A developmental diagnosis : to accompany innovation, the evolution of consumer attitudes and digital  codes in relation to retail, marketing, communication, visual merchandising, display and e-retail.